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  1. Denise Corso

    I want to build a raised bed garden 2 4×8 beds but I want them to be self-watering. Here is a link to what I am thinking of doing although I am debating between river rock and sand or a combo. They would only be 20-24 inches tall so 12 inches of garden and 12 inches of wicking bed.


    My gardens will be south facing. I’m trying to decide whether to go this route or whether people don’t do that in the PNW for some reason. I have mobility issues hence 24 in tall so I can sit on the edge and the need to not stand and water for a couple hours every day.

    1. Laura Matter

      These are amazing -thanks for sharing Denise! I hope you did go ahead and build these for your garden. Sounds like with that overflow pipe they will work in the northwest. In the winter with our heavy rain you would want to be growing cover crop and / or winter crops to make sure the soil does not get oversaturated. I think they are worth a try. The height is good too for those of us with mobility issues – you are right about that.

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