Introducing the Garden Hotline

Peruse our Garden Hotline YouTube videos below as well as links for other great sustainable northwest gardening tips – available through our sponsors, partners and friends in the horticulture community.

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Winter Mulching and Cover Crops in the Garden


Garden Hotline Video Contest Entries

2016 – Local Garden Stars

2014 – I Heard it Through the Garden Hotline

General Plant Care

You Wanna Be Startin’ Something – City Peoples Nursery

Caring for your Peonies – Liz Luce

Is Your Dog Digging? – Eva and Dylan Stepherson


Food Gardening

The Merits of Heirloom Tomatoes – Hans Karl Frautschi

Growing Fresh Herbs – Chef Jerry Traunfeld

Grow Up – Vertical Gardens – Jeff Hancock

JoJo Tran – Gardener – Patrick Penta


Natural Pest, Weed and Disease Management

Puget Sound’s Next Top Gardener – Garden Hotline

Egg Shell Slug Control – Anne Heavy

Goodbye Pesticides, Be Natural – Julaine and Jake Hall

Gardening with Aphids – Chef Tamara Murphy and Tyler Anderson

How to Control Leaf Miners – Jonah Kozlowski and Fred Miller

Best Weeding Practices – Garden Hotline and Keep High Point Green

Pollinators and Beneficial Insects

Mason Bees Micro Documentary – Paul Wheaton

Chasing Bees: The Search for the Western Bumble Bee – Oregon Zoo


Soil, Mulch and Compost

Mulch Trees Right – Garden Hotline

Mulching Your Shrub Beds – Ranger Melanie Boehm

Happy Healthy Soil – Lauren Wong

What Can’t Go in the Compost? – Craig Downing

Smart Watering

Smart Watering for your Lawn – Seattle Public Utilities

“Watering” Your Air Plants – Tess MacDonald



 Natural Lawn Care

Managing Moles – Garden Hotline

Introduction to Natural Lawn Care  – Seattle Public Utilities 

Soil Sampling – Seattle Public Utilities

Using Fertilizer

Mow High and Let it Lie – Seattle Public Utilities

Smart Watering – Seattle Public Utilities

Aerating and Topdressing

Applying Lime – Seattle Public Utilities

RainWise – Managing Stormwater at Home

How to Maintain Your Cistern – Seattle Public Utilities

It’s Your Choice – Stewardship Partners

Highland Park Improvement Club Rain Gardens – David Hymel


 Videos for Landscape Professionals

The Road to Healthy Public Spaces

Integrated Pest Management

Turf Maintenance on Sand-based Sports Fields

Fertilizers and Amendments

Tree Wells and Tree Health


Compost Tea

Corn Gluten in the Greenhouse

Stinging Insects

Favorite Tools

More Landscape Design

Landscape Education