Natural yard care information is available for those who need language translation assistance. Call us at (206) 633-0224 to get help from a Garden Hotline educator with interpretation or download one of the translated brochures below.

We offer the Natural Yard Care, Growing Healthy Soil, and Gardening Without Chemicals brochures in Chinese and Spanish.

Cuidado Natural del Patio

Natural Yard Care – Chinese Traditional

Trabajando en el Jardín y el Huerto Sin Químicos

Gardening Without Chemicals – Chinese Traditional

Como Producir Suelos Sanos

Building Healthy Soil – Chinese Traditional

The Natural Yard Care brochure is also available as booklets in Chinese and Spanish or as a multi page handout in 14 languages in addition to English.

We offer Growing Food in the City as a bi-lingual publication in 19 languages including English. See the list for the language you need. For small group workshops requiring translation we often work with local community groups in your area. Please call us to arrange an event.

Natural Yard Care

Natural Yard Care brochure cover

The Seattle Public Utilities has more information on natural yard care, including this brochure.

Translated Brochure Summary [all PDF format]

Growing Food in the City

Food Gardening brochure cover

The Seattle Public Utilities has more information on urban gardening (as well as these brochures).

Bilingual Brochure Translations [all PDF format]