Storyboard Template

Production tips: It’s a great idea to plan your video by starting with a list of what you want to say and what you need to show. This template is a simple guide to help you plan your story: the spoken “script” and the filmed images or “shots.” “VO” stands for Voice Over – where you talk about the shot you are filming. It is usually recorded separately and attached to the video during editing, but you can also record the sound of you or someone else speaking, while you record the video images.

Sample Shot 1:
Close-up of someone about to take a bite of a huge beautiful tomato.

Sample Shot 2.
Tomato tub.

Sample Shot 3.
Person with arm load of tomatoes.
Sample Script 1. VO: “All about tomato tubs!”

[Show what your video is going to be about! The intro’s purpose is to grab audience attention and get them excited to watch the rest of the video.]

Sample Script 2. VO: “This is a tomato tub that I built.”

[Name the project, task or object your video is about.]

Sample Script 3. VO: “It will help you grow tomatoes, even when you don’t have a lot of growing space.”

[Talk about what the project, task or object makes possible]

Sample Shot 4.
Person in lounge chair eating a tomato by the tomato tub

Sample Shot 5.
A person is drilling holes in the bottom of the tomato tub.

Sample Shot 6.
A person adds rocks, dirt and frame to the tub.
Sample Script 4. VO: “It’s fast, cheap and easy – and great for people like me who live in apartments!”

[Talk about why the project, task or object is good]

Sample Script 5. VO: “Tubs are about $3 at hardware or garden stores. You can drill holes in the bottom to start your tub.”
[Talk about details of how/what/where]
Sample Script 6. VO: “Add rocks, planting soil and a climbing frame for the plant.”

[Talk about more details of how/what/where]

Sample Shot 7. Person planting seed or start in dirt, inside tomato tub. Sample Shot 8. Person dancing by tomato tub. Sample Shot 9. Person hugging their tomato tub.
Sample Script 7. VO: “Get out there and grow your own tomatoes at home…”

[Inspire your audience to follow your lead. Or, wrap up by explaining what your project/task/object makes possible]

Sample Script 8. VO: “…by making a fast, cheap, and easy…”

[Repeat what makes your project, task or object so great.]

Sample Script 9. VO: “…tomato tub!”

[End on the project name and a feel good closing]