Selena Ligrano

Selena received her BS in Wildlife Ecology and Minor in Horticulture from Washington State University strengthening her connection to plants and the environment. After landscaping in the PNW for over a decade, her passion to work within the local food system sparked a new interest leading her to volunteer at Seattle Tilth within the Food Hub program. She received an MBA in Sustainable Systems with a focus on Sustainable Food and Agriculture in 2016 from Pinchot University. Her vision supports diverse, innovative people through public education on culturally diverse environmental and economic development. She joined Alleycat Acres as a Farm Coordinator and Systems Change Consultant in 2017. Selena looks forward to helping bridge the gap in food access to our neighborhoods and continuing to expand the urban gardening and farming community. For the past 5 years, Selena has run her own landscaping business with the intent of reestablishing the connection clients have to their gardens and plants. Since receiving her MBA she has transformed that business into a consulting company focused on community engagement and development and revitalizing the local food systems through edible gardens and connecting to the food we eat.