Lacey Fisher

Lacey began her venture into the Horticulture world in 2010 when she began her Associates Degree in Horticulture and Sports Turf Management at the Northern Wyoming Community College in Sheridan, Wyoming. During this time, Lacey became highly involved with local community gardens, farmers markets, and outreach projects that brought the community closer to local foods and agriculture. Upon completion of her Associates Degree in 2012, Lacey then became involved with the University of Wyoming and Extension Center, working on various projects related to cold tolerant grapevine and fruiting tree varieties. These projects involved traveling the state of Wyoming and collecting extensive data on small farms, their growing practices, and specific plant varieties being grown in the West. It was this work that left Lacey ready to dive into higher education. In 2015, Lacey received her Bachelor’s degree in Agroecology with a Minor in Horticulture from the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyoming. Following the completion of this degree, Lacey continued connecting the public to horticulture when she began work at the Cheyenne Botanic Garden in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Now residing in Washington, Lacey is ready to use her diverse skillset to educate the greater Seattle area on the best gardening practices, waste management, and local organic foods. When Lacey isn’t working, she enjoys all things outdoors, yoga, and playing with her two dogs, Oliver and Odi.